About Us

For over 40 years, the Margaret McCann School of Dance has provided dancers with technical excellence while providing a healthy, non-competitive atmosphere where students are able to learn and grow in a class of their own level.

We value the opportunity to be a part of each students' life.  With professional ethics, we believe the children our our future.  It's our pleasure to bring out the best in every dancer and contribute to the development of not only great dancers, but good citizens wtih caring hearts.


Life Skills Learned in Dance

  • respect
  • confidence
  • imagination
  • friendships
  • problem solving
  • positivity
  • perseverance
  • hard work
  • teamwork
  • concentration

Benefits of Dance

  • strength
  • grace
  • physical fitness
  • body awareness
  • teamwork
  • work ethics
  • self discipline
  • having fun

Our Specialty

We specialize in ballet technique beginning at age 4 and continuing through high school .

Become a part of our dance family today!